lisa tsubouchi


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Lisa has been making pottery since 2013. She does both mid-fire and high-fire work, sometimes marbling two or more different clays; this speaks to her multi-ethnic background and a life peppered with often contrasting (or even opposing) beliefs and viewpoints (think East vs. West).

Clay continues to be therapy in many ways.

Currently, you can find a selection of Lisa’s pottery at the following shops:

Morningtide Shop (Albany, CA)

Long Weekend Store (Oakland, CA)

Super Simple (San Francisco, CA)

The Assembly (San Francisco, CA)

Foggy Notion (San Francisco, CA)

Shop Sea to See (Pt. Reyes Station, CA)

Home/Work (Santa Cruz, CA)

Sub Rosa Mercantile (Denver, CO)

Lisa helped us create one of a kind mugs for all of our wedding guests. She was professional, on time, and to this day we still have people sending us photos of themselves enjoying their morning coffee or tea in what they all say is their favorite mug. We enjoyed the process of working with Lisa almost as much as we enjoy using her beautiful creations each morning. We can’t recommend working with Lisa enough!
— Eli & Jess


Lisa started making jewelry in 2011 and is self-trained. She works with mostly gold-fill, raw brass and crystals briolettes. The power of crystals is real (whether you believe it or not), and Lisa loves incorporating different stones in her work. 


Lisa’s love of indigo and shibori stemmed from a growing interest in Japanese fashion, particularly denim.

From there she became obsessed with the various, beautiful hues of blue and the history of Indigo on the many different textile stages around the world. She’s gone so far as to grow her own Japanese indigo (polygonum tinctorium), make a dye vat, and dip a skein of yarn (that she then crocheted into a scarf)!


Lisa grew up hand-sewing, making toys for her cats mostly. Years later, in her late-twenties, she took her first sewing class, and in January of 2016 quickly became enthralled with every aspect of the process.