lisa tsubouchi


photo by Nathan Ziebell

photo by Nathan Ziebell

Lisa is a Bay Area Native who has always been interested in the arts (both fine and performing) as well as exploring the many cultures and languages of the world. She has studied belly dance with Suhaila Salimpour and hula with Māhealani Uchiyama. Her attraction to art forms rooted in tradition speaks to her desire to find connection and meaning in all aspects of her life. 

After taking a break from dance, Lisa found ceramics as her next creative outlet. Since 2014 she has been a member of The Potters' Studio in Berkeley where she creates simple, utilitarian pieces made mostly on the wheel. Recently she has been dabbling in natural indigo dye, sewing and the Slow Fashion movement. She hopes to combine her newfound appreciation for natural dyes and sustainable processes with her love of fashion and someday (soon) make her own clothes. Lisa's passion for creating and her attention to detail make her a dedicated craftsperson. 

In addition to ceramics and crafting, Lisa also enjoys event planning and all things entrepreneurial. She founded a private event and boutique catering business, suitcase supperclub, in 2014 after deciding she wanted to cook better, healthier meals for herself and her family. In 2015 she helped open San Francisco's first cat cafe, KitTea.